kamil vojnar

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After years of making images for book and CD covers in New York City, I have found refuge in St. Remy de Provence, France, where I am now fully concentrating on creating of my own personal world of images.

What drives my work is the contradictory world surrounding us.
So much beauty and so much suffering meet and go hand in hand.
But also it is the world of "elsewhere". The world from where inspiration and intuition, leading my hand, arrives. From that space between the earth, the sky and our minds and hearts, where things happen, we don't fully understand, but without which the world would be much grayer place.
I am trying to explore corners of our souls, where emotions reside. Emotions as reactions to the world outside and conflicting emotions of our most private worlds within. Because don't we cry from immense sadness, but from happiness as well?

My working methods are pretty much "flying blind", because as a photographer and painter am basically self taught. Mostly oblivious to proper techniques and processes, I mix elements the way we reconstruct our last night dreams. From bits and pieces.
I let intuition and materials, I am working with, to lead me to conclusions, I never really see as fully finished and I revisit my images over and over again to place them in different logic and contexts.

My pictures are mostly images, digitally layered from many different photographs and textures, printed after in small editions, as a ink-jet prints on fine art paper. Or they are layered images, printed on semitransparent Thai and Japanese papers, mounted to canvas, varnished with oil and wax, sometimes painted on further with oil paints. I don't know where I am going, but I will get there.

- Kamil Vojnar