liz hickok

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I use ephemeral materials to create sculpture that is fleeting in nature, and I
document the journey of experimentation, construction, and deterioration with
photography and video. With these combined media, I can remove any sense of the
sculpture’s original scale, presenting as life-sized, or larger, a piece that might be
only inches in height. The effect is an otherworldly space in which viewers can
immerse themselves.

In my Ground Waters series I create miniature scenes in which natural and urban
environments are overgrown with crystal formations. While the sculptures’ colors are
pleasing and inviting, the sharp formations are clearly chemical in nature,
referencing the pollutants that seep into, even saturate, our environment. I
photograph the structures’ transformation, creating time-lapse videos for
presentation together with my still images. I also execute large-scale site-specific
works in public spaces, enabling me to manipulate—even further—the perceived
scale of my sculptures.

In a parallel body of work, Sets & Tests, I photograph the sets, props, and
experiments that appear in my constructed environments. Against a simple white
background and printed at a large scale, the components can be explored in detail—
and in stark contrast to the color-saturated, luminous, and sometimes chaotic scenes
that they formed.